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Gift your child financial literacy for their birthday

About the book

What is Marty’s Birthday Book?

Marty’s Birthday is a rhymed story about a girl who celebrates her birthday with her brother,  cousins and friends – and the special gift of money she receives from her grandparents.

Packed with treats for children  – girls and boys alike – to try out on their own birthday, this Activity Book comes with a FREE Party Pack, and is the introduction to our Smart Way to Start book series on Financial Confidence for Kids (ages 5-10).

It is the PERFECT GIFT for any child on their birthday, especially if you are planning to gift them some money on their special day!



Many children receive money for their Birthday or special occasion but show little gratitude, and then spend that precious sum in a flash – without pondering all their options.

THE PROBLEM is that children do not know how to truly appreciate a money gift, because they haven’t yet been gifted the most important of all gifts: Financial Literacy! We invite you and your child, godchild, grandchild, nephew or niece, to take this important step, together.

The opportunity


Your child’s Birthday is an OPPORTUNITY to offer your child an invaluable gift of Financial Literacy, together with a gift of money on this special day.

Marty’s Birthday book is an invitation to any child who receives money, to join Marty, our protagonist, on her money-learning-journey! This book is the introduction to the entire Smart Way To Start book series that teaches  young children all about money and sustainability – with easy rhymes!


Often, the appreciation of a money gift is often drowned out by the joyful, bustling birthday celebrations – and by other gifts that might be more fun to unwrap and play with.

With Marty’s Birthday activity book, you can give an important money moment the spotlight it deserves, turning it into a fun experience on the day, without “dampening” the birthday mood. On the contrary, an important money lesson goes hand in hand with a ton of fun – thanks to all the suggested birthday activities in the book!

With our Birthday Book,  every parent, godparent, grandparent or relative, now has  the perfect opportunity to read aloud with the Birthday Child, before, on and after their birthday, so they can easily and joyfully discuss with them the importance of a money gift – inviting the child to learn more about good money habits and money’s impact!

What is inside?

What will your child learn?

While receiving an envelope might be a little less fun than a huge parcel to open on your birthday, a gift of money is very special indeed!

 Thank the person who gifted you money!
 Make sure you don’t lose the envelope!
 Give the envelope to your parents to keep safe while you play.
 This special gift gives you many, many options!
 Think calmly about all the things you could do with the money.
 If you need guidance on how to manage money, follow Marty!


10 birthday activities

Our mission is to make learning about Money enjoyable and FUN for your child and because we want the Birthday Child to feel extra special on their special day, Marty’s Birthday book is packed with treats and 10 birthday activities for kids to enjoy.

Every time you see a sweetie:

There is a fun activity to make your own birthday party extra magical!


"Attention parents: be aware of the consequences you will face, when giving this book (A Smart Way To Start) to your daughter to read! This will result in tough discussions regarding pocket money, salaries and investments - as I have with my wonderful daughter, becoming a keen negotiator... so great!"

Dr. Stephan M. Hauska

"I just started buying your books to educate my grandson on finance early in life...he is one year old and I am supposed to speak English with him, while my daughter in law teaches him Spanish and my son German... So thank you for this marvellous idea..."


dr. Mara C. Harvey

I am Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey and am the author, founder and CEO of SmartWayToStart, with over 21 years experience as senior leader in wealth management. It is my pleasure to guide you on your Financial Parenting journey to shape your child’s financial future.

Talking about money can be hard, as it is often fraught with emotions. But with the right tools and the right guidance, it can become enjoyable and empowering for all family members.

I believe all children deserve to learn good money habits as of a young age, because money skills are skills for life.



Don’t need a physical book as gift but still want to enjoy the reading experience and the party pack?

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