How to secure your child's financial future?

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Meet the founder

dr. Mara Harvey

Welcome Parents, I'm Mara, I'm the founder of Smart Way to Start and the CEO of a Swiss Private Bank.
In my 23 years working as a senior leader in finance, I have witnessed first-hand the difficult life situations that young adults find themselves in because no one took responsibility to teach them basic Money Skills at an early age.

In my view, teaching essential  Money Skills to children is the responsibility of every parent but many parents delay or avoid having important money conversations with their children until it is too late. This is why I made it my mission to make Financial Parenting easy and accessible, so parents worldwide can empower their children to grow up Financially Literate with a good understanding of how their daily Money Choices impact our future and the world.

Start your Financial Parenting Journey with me and learn about 4 Money Skills that you must teach your children to secure their financial future: