Dear Mara, thank you for this lovely book set. After reading book 2, my 7 year old daughter asked me to take her to the bank! I told her we’ll go when she has counted all her pennies!"

NOV 2020

“Thank you for very inspiring talk, Mara! And thanks for bringing up such an important topic - and now sooo obvious - so clearly. My daughter is turning 10, I’ve been talking to her about equality and education all the time , but how could I miss the finance part ?! Obviously because it has been a tabu in my childhood ... Thank you for this!”​


"Hi Mara, I have received my order and will definitely be ordering the rest of the books soon. I enjoyed reading the book to my 7 month old twin granddaughters, I am starting them young. Thank you."

UK, 02.2021

"I just started buying your books to educate my grandson on finance early in life...he is one year old and I am supposed to speak English with him, while my daughter in law teaches him Spanish and my son German... So thank you for this marvellous idea..."


"I couldn’t wait to read it all before I express to you my gratitude for being such an inspirational role model not only for women and men around the world but also for kids. I can’t wait for the launch of the next 3 books and store them in my library for the next generation of girls and boys to get educated on this topic on best way possible; it’s so entertaining, so cleverly written, with its funny sides and still disclosing in a frank way very honest facts with clear message for solution!"


Attention parents: be aware of the consequences you will face, when giving this book to your daughter to read! This will result in tough discussions regarding pocket money, salaries and investments - as I have with my wonderful daughter, becoming a keen negotiator...so great!

Dr. Stephan M. Hauska

"Hello Mara,  This is Mollie writing - thank you so much for the lovely books you gave me. I have read them all this afternoon and I understand now the concepts in your book a lot better than before. In fact, I didn't know about some of them at all. I've now decided to go to the bank tomorrow with my dad and set up my first savings account, I'm very excited about it  I just finished watching your interview on IMEX America and I thought it was very interesting.  We went to your website with mum and purchased the secret chapter 3 (digital money) and I hope to read it as soon as the confirmation e-mail comes. I hope that we can see you again when you are next time in Ireland. Enjoy the rest of your stay and a safe flight home."

Mollie (Age 10)

"Dear Mara, A very big thank you for the BEAUTIFUL books - you have made a little girl very happy. The illustrations are just magic and the way the books are written is so incredibly smart - the analogies and empowering messages are brilliant. My daughter will be so smart with money after reading these wonderful books. Thank you so very much!"


"I heard so many good comments on the books and will order #1 {German edition} right away. Looking forward that the others are also being translated since every book in itself is so very nice and important literacy for our children. Thank you for your wonderful work!"

JAN 2021

"I absolutely LOVE it! Oh my goodness, this is so so sooo cool. I enjoy the writing and the drawings and the final product is just so valuable and beautiful!"

Anna, Leanin

"When I gave Clara your book today she was so impressed by everything, that she said the following: "Mom, this gift just inspired me to become a writer“. Isn’t it amazing? Thank you, thank you, thank you! "


"I was so joyful upon finding your book in the mail today! It is ADORABLE and informative. I love the red-head..."


"I increased the pocket money of my daughter the same day!"


"My mother was a professional children’s librarian before she retired. I gave the book to her to read to my nieces when they visit and this is what she wrote to me: I didn't have the time to look at it while you were here. But I just looked at the little book you brought and I love it. The message and the tone are perfect. Cheyenne is the perfect age for this book. I may order some to donate to local schools."


"I am very intrigued by your children’s books as finance is always a subject people do not feel comfortable teaching to kids..."

Luca Zerbini
NOV 2020

"Thank you very much for the insightful webinar today - such an important topic. We start with our little kids right away:) "


"My 8 year old daughter loves your books! We will warmly recommend them to other people."


"The book is soooo interesting, not only for kiddies 🙂"


"Dear Mara, Your book "A Smart Way to Start" is very interesting. The topic of the books is great, because it is right that girls have as many pennies as boys. And the poems are wonderful."


"I shared these books with a colleague of mine who has two girls age 6 and 9. He read one of the books to them and smiled when he overheard his youngest telling his wife about how unfair it was that the boy got paid $1 more for the same chores. Dad was thrilled that the message was heard. can't wait to see book 3."